Whisk(e)y is one of the most popular alcoholic spirits in the world today. It was originally produced in Scotland and Ireland, however Japanese, American and Canadian versions of the water of life have been rapidly growing in popularity for some time. The Scotch whisky industry alone is worth almost £4 billion in exports to the […]

Whisky is one of Scotland’s great success stories, along with Braveheart and kilts. It was first distilled hundreds of years ago and has since become a worldwide phenomenon. The complex notes, imparted on the spirit by the distilling and maturing processes, combined with the gentle burn and, let’s be honest, the high alcohol content, have […]

Bruichladdich Unveils Octomore OBA Concept Bruichladdich this week revealed a new expression in their much publicised Octomore range. Packaged in an orange bottle with a similar shape to previous whiskies from the range, this new dram is heavily peated. Beyond that, there is not a whole lot being revealed about the product other than the […]

The whisky landscape is changing. More and more distilleries are moving away from their house style to produce a variety of differently created spirits in a bid to reach every corner of the whisky market. This has resulted in the lines between regional characteristics becoming increasingly blurred. No longer does a peaty, maritime whisky have […]