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A beautiful 20 Year Old expression of Aberlour from the Douglas Laing independent bottling company. This single-malt is fruity and crisp with a long smooth finish. A fantastic whisky that is incredible with just a few drops of water.


This beautiful single-malt, single grain whisky from Douglas Laing promises a lot, and it does not disappoint. The premium ingredients are immediately apparent and notes of honey, caramel and sherberty spices make this whisky a must try for anyone who enjoys a sweet dram. Perfectly balanced.


This wonderful 27 Year Old single-grain whisky is part of Douglas Laing’s ‘Particular’ series. It is drawn from a single-refill barrel and offers fantastic complex notes that dance on the nose and palate. The finish is long and rich and will keep you coming back for more. Delightful.

$100 to $250

Drambuie Royal Legacy


Royal Legacy was produced by the Drambuie distillery to commemorate their first commercial drink which was released in 1909. This beautiful drink is made by blending some of Scotland’s finest whiskies and then adding in Drambuie’s own secret recipe of herbs and spices. A fantastic whisky that comes packaged in a great looking box and elegant bottle.


This Glendronach 11 Year Old is a single-cask whisky that was distilled in the Highland region of Scotland in 2004 before being matured entirely in a Pedro Ximenez cask and then bottled in 2016. It was released at a Taiwanese exclusive, making it very hard to come by today. Rich, sweet and full of flavour.


This Glendronach 12 Year Old is a single cask whisky that was distilled in the Scottish Highlands in 2003. It was then matured in a single Pedro Ximenez cask before being bottled in 2015.The whisky was produced without the use of chill-filtration and was bottled at a cask-strength of 52.9%. This bottle was released as a Taiwanese exclusive, making it very hard to come by today. Only 677 bottles ever released. Rich and sweet with hints of dates, cinnamon and citrus fruits. A real beauty.


This Glenfarclas 178th Anniversary Taiwan Edition whisky was created to celebrate the 178th anniversary of the Glenfarclas distillery. The sixth generation descendants of the Grant family selected the highest quality Sherry cask from their warehouse. After extensive tasting the blenders decided to bottle at 48.8% ABV to present the perfect range of notes. The label design showcases a mythical Chinese animal called the Qilin. This hooved creature is a good omen thought to bring prosperity and serenity. This bottle is a Taiwan Limited Edition that is very difficult to find outside the country.

Color is charming golden yellow. Aroma is soft feeling of afternoon with nuts, sweet honey and tropical fruit.


This delightful whisky is one that has won plaudits throughout the years from fans and critics alike. Matured in ex-Sherry casks, Glenfarclas 25 Year Old is rich and elegant, bringing notes of raisins, hazelnut and fruitcake. This is all topped off with a lovely long finish that lingers for the perfect amount of time. A real delight.


This beautiful 21 Year Old from the Glenfiddich distillery has been finished in Caribbean rum casks and they certainly add an extra depth of flavor to this bottle. Notes of orange peel, chocolate, fruitcake and vanilla are rounded off perfectly with a nice kick of spice. This single-malt is rich and sweet while managing to maintain a balance that makes it smooth and easy to drink. Winner of a Gold Outstanding Medal at the International Wine &Spirits Competition 2015.


This Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a multiple award winning blend that is hugely famous all over the World, and for good reason. Well balanced and made up from some of the finest grains available to the distiller, this slightly smoky, very rich whisky is one that you must try if you haven’t already. The most popular blend on the market.


This Kavalan Solist Port Cask is a Taiwanese single-malt whisky from the Kavalan distillery, drawn from a single Port cask and bottled as part of their Solist range at cask strength. An intensely flavoursome expression.


A special bottle that has been matured in a combination of European and American oak Sherry casks, and American oak Bourbon casks. This maturing process has imparted fantastic, complex notes of winter fruits and rich chocolate on the whisky. Full-bodied with a lasting finish.