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An incredible, increasingly popular Speyside malt that has been matured in a combination of traditional oak and Sherry casks. Rich and sweet, with fantastic fruity notes. A true delight.


This fantastic 10 Year Old is Ardbeg's entry level single-malt that peat fans will fall in love with. Notes of dark chocolate and smoky fruits are commended by the extremely long, peaty finish that leaves your senses in heaven. Jim Murray's World Whisky of the Year 2008.


The Aultmore 12 Year Old is a beautiful, smooth and elegant whisky that was released as part of Dewar’s Last Green Malts in 2014. It is incredibly refreshing, offering notes of citrus fruits, vanilla and honey. Very easy to drink but nonetheless complex.


Made up of 50 different whiskies from across Scotland, this 12 Year Old has become a favorite among the local people. A real warming delight with perfect levels of spice and vanilla.


A lovely entry from Bruichladdich that was created by master distiller Jim McEwan. Matured in American oak casks, that have previously housed Bourbon, this whisky is warming and delightful. The lack of smoky, peaty flavors is no issue as the other aromas and flavors are just so good. Delicious.


The entry level whisky to Bunnahabhain’s range, this 12 Year Old has been created without chill-filtration and coloring. This lightly peated single-malt brings notes of fruit and nuts and has a long dry finish. Full-bodied and delicious.


A light, fresh 12 Year Old from the Caol Ila distillery. This bottle comes with the signature peat flavors that are so common in Islay whiskies, along with subtle hints of citrus fruits. A well balanced and delightful single-malt.

$25 to $50

Cardhu 12 Year Old


A soft and sweet single-malt from Speyside that has become more popular in Europe than it has in its home. This whisky has become Spain's number one selling single-malt and this is likely due to its soft, delicate nature. A well balanced drink with sweet, fruity notes.


Another beautiful expression from Ian MacLeod distillers, this bottle houses all of the sweet, rich notes that you would expect and will certainly keep you coming back for more. From the moment this excellent single-malt touches your lips you are able to taste the premium ingredients and top notch craftsmanship that go into making it.


This 12 Year Old is a famous blend that is popular throughout Scotland and across the World. It comes in a beautifully classic bottle and brings notes of wood smoke and banana chips and finishes with a subtle spice that lingers for some time. A lovely whisky that has lasted the test of time.


This single-malt is one of three release by the Craigellachie distillery in 2014. They have become renowned for their full, flavorsome character and this whisky is no different. Notes of pineapple and citrus fruits are backed up by meaty smoky flavors that bring the whole thing together. The finish is also meaty and the smokiness lingers for some time.


This is the Dewar distillery’s flagship 12 Year Old blend. It has been ‘double matured’ with the second period taking place after it has been married in oak casks. This is a fantastically smooth whisky that has won plaudits around the world and is a firm favorite in the whisky community.