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Made up of 50 different whiskies from across Scotland, this 12 Year Old has become a favorite among the local people. A real warming delight with perfect levels of spice and vanilla.


This whisky is full-bodied and complex. Creamy vanilla flavors match up perfectly with hints of oak and slight spice to make this a fan favorite. Long and smooth finish.


This 12 Year Old is a famous blend that is popular throughout Scotland and across the World. It comes in a beautifully classic bottle and brings notes of wood smoke and banana chips and finishes with a subtle spice that lingers for some time. A lovely whisky that has lasted the test of time.


This is the Dewar distillery’s flagship 12 Year Old blend. It has been ‘double matured’ with the second period taking place after it has been married in oak casks. This is a fantastically smooth whisky that has won plaudits around the world and is a firm favorite in the whisky community.

$100 to $250

Drambuie Royal Legacy


Royal Legacy was produced by the Drambuie distillery to commemorate their first commercial drink which was released in 1909. This beautiful drink is made by blending some of Scotland’s finest whiskies and then adding in Drambuie’s own secret recipe of herbs and spices. A fantastic whisky that comes packaged in a great looking box and elegant bottle.


Johnnie Walker Black Label is one of the most iconic and famous whiskies from around the world. This 12 year old blend of 30 different grains from across Scotland provides smooth vanilla flavors alongside the distillers subtle, but apparent, signature smokiness. A real classic.


This Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a multiple award winning blend that is hugely famous all over the World, and for good reason. Well balanced and made up from some of the finest grains available to the distiller, this slightly smoky, very rich whisky is one that you must try if you haven’t already. The most popular blend on the market.


This expression of Johnnie Walker Black Label brings the traditional malty flavors, found in the original bottle, together with smokey peaty notes gained from the use of Islay malts in the blending process. The results are fantastic and this full bodied composition is complex and special.


Johnnie Walker Green Label provides the richest, most intense flavors and aromas among the distiller's range. This warming bottle is sure to see you through long winter nights and take your palate on a fabulous tour of Scotland.


Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Red Label


A popular choice of blend that is made up of 35 different whiskies from around Scotland. This bottle is bursting with spice, bold in flavor and goes great on its own or with mixer.

$25 and under

The Famous Grouse


This blend is Scotland's number one whisky that first burst onto the scene in 1896. Awarded a Royal Warrant in the 1980s, this bottle has been a favorite up and down the United Kingdom for some time. Well balanced and spicy.